Harry Malamatos

Huge savings by a lot, on my homeowners policy. Better overall coverages… and lower deductibles! Amazing value. Very impressed with Anclote Insurance! Thank you!!

Robert Mattucci

Give them a try,You’ll be glad you did. Very knowledgeable, professional and fair. Customer service is great . 5 stars service.

Will Bonner

The agents go out of their way to find the best deal to fill your needs, not just the lowest price. Because of the wu flu outbreak they maybe short staffed just like any other business in the area.

Andrea Kline

We switched insurance companies after 10 years and should have done it sooner! Anclote Insurance saved us thousands of $’s and they are a pleasure to work with. Both Tracy and Becky were excellent!

Derek Hogan

My wife handled this situation but she was pleased with the info that was provided

Terry Parker

From my first introduction to the team of professionals at Anclote Insurance, I have been treated with care and respect. Their knowledge of the industry and customer service has been exceptional. I appreciate all they have done to help me with my insurance needs. I highly recommend them.

Stamatia Danson

This insurance companies been around forever and it shows why they couldn’t be nicer or more efficient